Longing For Home

My Lord I am longing to go home, away from this earth that I roam,

For Lord I long to be at that place, where I can look upon your face.

High above earth’s lowly sod, in the Glory of Heaven with my God,

From a world where wrong is right, into that Glorious Eternal Light.

I know not when the time will be, when I’m brought up into Eternity.

That time is not for me to know, I am simply told by The Lord to go,

To go and preach to every nation, the Good News of His Salvation,

Until that time, I just need to be, a light for Christ for all men to see.

At times I long to be by the side, of Him, who on a cross had died,

Where He bled and died for me, so that I could live for all Eternity.

I long to see God’s eternal shore, where evil darkness is no more,

Where there’ll be Eternal Light, this my friend, both day and night.

I long to hear that trumpet sound, so that we can all gather round,

Gathered with those saints above, saved by God’s matchless love.

I long to see my loved ones who, on the day they died, truly knew,

That they departed into His arms, to be safe from all earthly harms.

I am longing for a new body too, it’s something like we never knew,

This body will be an eternal kind, with perfect form and perfect mind.

An Eternal Body prepared for me, that shall last through all Eternity,

And this new body will be Glorified, as I stand by The Savior’s side.

This longing will not leave my heart, until the day in which I depart,

Depart from here to be with Him, who died to cleanse me of my sin.

All who long for the appearing of, Jesus Christ in the clouds above,

By Jesus Christ, will be blessed, this with a crown of righteousness.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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