Ready To Die For Christ?

Probing Questions

Are you ready my friend to die, for The Savior who reigns on High?

Ready today to give your life, to The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Friend are you ready to die to sin, then give your life totally to Him?

Ready to leave the path you trod, to wholly follow a path with God?

Friend, once you’ve put sin aside, The Holy Spirit in you will abide.

Since it was to sin, that you died, Jesus Christ will now live inside,

His Throne will now be your heart, and a New Life in you will start.

With your sin nailed to the cross, God will purge you of your dross.

When you died to sin my friend, by The Spirit you were born again.

The sinful desires of this earth, die through the power of New Birth.

This death is not painful at all, as Christ’s the one who took the fall.

Even though He died, my friend, three days later Christ rose again.

My friend this Hope will be yours, once you too, become The Lords.

Even though your flesh may die, you will be with The Lord on High,

For when you die for Jesus Christ, you’ll gain from Him Eternal Life.

His death at Calvary secured for all, a total victory over Adam’s fall.

Jesus Christ did not have to die, but He died my friend for you and I.

His death was so that we can live, through the New Life He will give.

You can live life without The Lord, and then face death forevermore,

Or give yourself to Christ my friend, to gain new life that will not end.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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