A Willing Sacrifice

They say they love God like me, and they want to live eternally,

Without the love I have for Him, as they continue their life of sin.

But the power of Calvary’s Cross, changes the hearts of the lost,

As men come to Jesus Christ, His Spirit changes wayward lives.

They say in God they believe, but life in Christ they don’t receive,

But men must believe in their heart, for life in Christ to truly start.

Most men will acknowledge God, and agree He exists with a nod,

But never truly embrace His Son, Who came to die for everyone.

Some want to believe religiously, without a change men can see,

Afraid more about what men say, than our Lord on Judgment Day.

But we can’t believe Saving Truth, without our life showing proof,

Within our hearts and in our lives, that we belong to Jesus Christ.

For He did more than die for men, on a cross He purchased them,

When He became God’s sacrifice, His Blood for all paid the price.

A price we could not pay for sin, that on a cross was paid by Him,

When God sent Christ to the cross, to save a world of sinners lost.

The debt that we could not afford, was paid in Grace by The Lord,

And so we die to a life of sin, and use our life to acknowledge Him.

Being truly loved by God’s Son, we profess His Name to everyone,

Willing to be God’s living sacrifice, and God’s Light for Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©01/2007)

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