Going Home

Going home sure sounds good, to be at home with the brotherhood.

Home with those who went before, now in the presence of The Lord.

Whether through that veil of death, when I take that very last breath,

Or at that time we upward abound, when we hear the trumpet sound.

A Christian’s death from this sod, is truly precious in the eyes of God.

As He takes you where you died, to bring you to Heaven by His side.

But the Rapture is a special hope, which gives men an eternal scope.

A hope that goes beyond this earth; a hope given to us by New Birth.

I do know that my Redeemer lives, and New Life to all men He gives.

God, who lives in Heaven up above, came to earth to show His love.

He sent His Only Son Jesus Christ, who died for all, to give men life.

Christ then returned to prepare a place, up in Heaven, by His Grace.

A place in Heaven for me and you, so where Christ is we will be too.

Christ has for us an Eternal Home, right beside His Glorious Throne.

Whether the rapture or death friend, this temporal world isn’t the end.

Our end on the earth is only a start, of the hope we have in our heart.

We’re passing by this temporal place, heading home by God’s Grace,

And we’re headed for a Mansion high, prepared for us above the sky.

My friend, home for us is in Eternity, where with God we’ll forever be,

For when we see the face of Christ, we’ll truly begin our Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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