Testing will come along the way, so men can see just what you say.

Friend as these trials daily come, men see where your heart is from.

And trials friend, will come to all, some are big and some are small.

But The Lord, who created you, knows just how to see you through.

Whatever test you face my friend, this world is not the ultimate end.

Testing produces changes in you life, which remain long after strife.

You may become bitter deep inside, wondering why you were tried.

Some with thought have discerned, trials are lessons to be learned,

Lessons to be learned in this life, in hope to avoid some future strife.

Some men just go on their way, chalking it up as just one more day.

Many trials can draw you to, The Lord and Savior, who died for you.

And if you don’t know The Lord, maybe He’s knocking on you door.

The Lord is waiting should you fall, and God is ready to comfort all.

If you should happen to fail a test, you can fall upon Christ’s breast.

Christ’s arms are surely open friend, to greet you warmly at the end.

This life can be one long test, and only in God is there eternal rest,

Friend in any trial I can attest, The Lord our God knows what’s best.

And at the end of every test, if you know The Lord you’ll be blessed.

The tests of life can not compare, to when we’ll see Christ in the air.

All life’s testings will end for sure, that day we see our Blessed Lord.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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