I Go To God

I need to wrap my heart in peace, from God above that will not cease.

When troubles on the earth do arise, I go to God, who rules the skies.

When I face this life’s uncertainties, I go to God, who controls eternity.

When my heart becomes unsure, I go to my faithful, unchanging Lord.

Facing the encounters in this life, He helps me through pain and strife.

Whatever it is or wherever I trod, I can rely on the strength of my God.

In His strength He sees me through, with His Love so faithful and true.

Even through the darkest of night, I know in the end, I’ll see His Light.

God is the wind beneath my wings; peace in sorrow is what He brings.

And as the storms in this life do blow, The Lord lifts me higher as I go.

Even as life’s plans fail and fall apart, God places a joy into my heart.

And even in the darkest valley low, His peace inside, begins to grow.

Friend, The Lord above, who’s over all, will pick you up when you fall.

He will then lift you up to His breast, and in your trial you will find rest.

God will then put you on higher ground, where His peace will abound.

You’ll see that any circumstance, is allowed by Him, not mere chance.

For God may put us through a fire, but only to purify our heart’s desire,

And all things work together for, the good of those who know The Lord,

All called according to His purpose, beginning a time of eternal service,

And time down here won’t compare, to the time in Glory without a care.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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