What He Will Do

God's Sovereignty

Your sinful past God will erase, when you step into His Grace,

The Grace that you do receive, when in Christ, you do believe.

Christ will come into your night, and fill your heart with His light.

Today if you truly seek His face, you my friend He will embrace.

He will take you from your past, giving you a future that will last.

God will set your heart just right, as He gives you His new sight,

As He will give you eyes to see, eyes that will focus on eternity.

Jesus Christ will cleanse your heart, and give to you a new start.

On earth you’re given a new life, thru the power of Jesus Christ,

This is to live our life every day, and in a new and powerful way.

God gives men new direction, that leads them to a resurrection,

Through the power of new birth, you will be lifted from the earth.

God will give to you my friend, from any beginning, a better end.

For all men face a certain death, on the earth at their last breath.

But with a belief in Jesus Christ, Believers will have Eternal Life.

Christ will give to you a peace, which in your soul will not cease.

Most men will return to dust, however this is not true for all of us.

Christ making all things new, includes believers like me and you.

For when our sin was forgiven, we were both marked to be risen.

And a New Body will be yours, when in Glory, you see The Lord.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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