Slow And Cautious

Slow and cautious we move in life, wanting to avoid trouble and strife.

We calculate the steps of our path, trying to avoid man’s simple wrath.

But slow acknowledging God above; slow to embrace His Pure Love.

Some men give God little thought, and seldom is His guidance sought.

And even when we race through life, we take no time to think of Christ.

Fast or slow, we don’t make the time, to seek God’s help that is divine.

That time alone with God in prayer, lifting up to Him all our daily cares.

About us, Christ knows everything, and even our deepest inner being.

You simply need to call on Christ, to handle anything within your life.

Big or small, they’re all the same; just pray to God in Christ’s Name.

Through the indwelling Holy Spirit, when we do pray God will hear it.

And from the prayers that He heard, God directs men into His Word.

Jesus Christ then intercedes for us, when in Him we place our trust.

Throughout our life He will intervene, touching upon our daily scene.

Christ is our advocate on The Throne, interceding for His very own,

With The Father Christ intercedes, addressing our cares and needs.

So before a busy day does start, approach Christ with a quiet heart.

Before you even begin your day, see what God’s Word has to say.

God can change your hectic pace, by Christ’s power and His Grace.

His calming Grace He’ll give to you, at day start and all day through.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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