How Do You Preach?

Probing Questions

Fiend as you preach along the way, do men listen to what you say?

And as The Truth you do impart, do you preach with all your heart?

Friend do you preach with urgency; pointing other men to Eternity?

And do you simply state God’s Truth, in the light of men’s reproof?

It’s not our words that they hear, but God’s Truth they must endear.

Believers must not color God’s Word, to be liked, when we’re heard.

It isn’t our opinions that they need, but God’s Truth they must heed.

Share The Word and nothing more, leaving the results to The Lord.

Do you have a passion in this life, for sharing Truth of Jesus Christ?

Do you have a zeal deep inside, to explain to men why Christ died?

Do you have that burning desire, to snatch others from eternal fire?

Do the words out of your heart; remain with others after you depart?

Soon this temporal life shall end, and Eternity is very real my friend.

We live this life, then we’re gone, but eternity friend goes on and on.

And eternity can be life or death, all beginning with your final breath.

For anyone to enter Eternal Life, they must first accept Jesus Christ.

Men may scoff behind your back, with Truth unhindered from attack,

They may mock you quite openly, about God, who they can not see.

Men can choose to reject The Lord, and be in darkness forevermore,

Although they scoff be assured, all men shall confess Christ as Lord.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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