Light, Salt and Love


Friend, let the Light God put inside, be a witness that’s not denied.

Witness for The Lord Jesus Christ; a witness of your newfound life.

Friend as you walk through the night, allow others to see your light.

Light received from The Lord above, so that we can share His Love.

A life witness is what men need, when God’s Word they don’t heed,

In our life, these men need to see, the Light of Christ not you or me.

Allow your life be living proof, of the changing power of God’s Truth.

Your walk of Truth may just inspire, men to make Christ their desire.

Is your new life attractive to those, who hear The Word and oppose?

They oppose The Truth you proclaim, refusing to embrace His name.

Every opportunity that we approach, we need to be above reproach,

So we don’t bring the Savior shame, when we witness in His Name.

We are told to be Salt and Light, as witness for men lost in the night.

And salt must maintain its flavor, to draw other men unto The Savior.

It is when the saltiness we lose, that our witness by others is abused.

Friend your salt is only useful then, to be trampled under foot by men.

Love is how all men will know us, and The One we have come to trust.

For it was God’s Love for all men, that sent His Son to be condemned.

Condemned upon a wicked cross; in order to save a world that’s lost.

So allow your love to shine my friend, so Christ can become their end.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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