Unknown Changes

The End Times

Friend, day by day we live as men, never knowing just how or when,

How or when our world may change; and your life is never the same.

In this life, there is no guarantee, of what today or tomorrow may be.

For this life is ever changing friend, from the beginning up to the end.

You may start with a song to sing, not knowing what a day will bring.

Your situation could be tenuous, how it may end is anybody’s guess.

Life can send you a circumstance, that seems to be one big chance.

As unseen changes occur in life, we need strength from Jesus Christ.

Even with a well thought out plan, you’ll need to trust in another man.

And when the heart of man is tried, you sometimes see a darker side.

There’s a darker sphere in this life, that sows in hearts grief and strife.

And it corrupts the heart of man, and puts in their mind a wicked plan.

An evil deceit will fill their heart, which destroys the plans others start.

Men have no respect for human life, as they do not know Jesus Christ.

They rack your life with terror and pain, and all for selfish wicked gain.

Friend, in this day and darkened time, men all need One who is Divine.

And we need to anchor all our faith, in someone higher than this place,

To be anchored in The Rock of Ages, as this evil storm of terror rages.

A Hope for all, beyond this place, has been provided by God’s Grace.

Jesus Christ will make all things new, even new bodies for me and you.

This body man can kill and maim, but Eternal Life men can not change.

As up in Heaven you’ll find your life, is securely seated in Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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