As The Spirit Fills


Verse by verse and line by line; The Spirit fills the heart and mind.

The Spirit moves on a scribe, to pen the words down deep inside.

God uses men to reach the world, with a message for us to herald.

Some may speak while other men, The Lord above uses their pen.

Apostles would speak The Word, and men believed as they heard.

It was God’s Word they received, that would lead them to believe.

As New Believers they would go, and share so others could know,

The saving Grace of Jesus Christ, so they too could have New Life.

As The Truth began to spread, many would use parchment instead.

And The Truth many would heed, from words that they would read.

Either way, God’s Truth we share, with all those for whom we care.

Allow The Spirit to move your heart, so God’s Truth we can impart.

My friend, God will use anyone, to share The Truth about His Son.

Using any form of communication, to reach the lost with Salvation.

Join the Apostles and Prophets of old, sharing Truth till all are told,

About The Lord and Savior above, sent to all by The Father’s Love.

God still moves upon men today, helping us with the words to say,

For me the verses seem to flow, while The Spirit helps me to grow.

As I write the words aren’t mine, for my source is above and Divine.

It is The Spirit who fills my pen, and to this friend, I just say Amen.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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