A More Excellent Way

Of all the gifts from God above, the greatest gift my friend is love.

About this love Paul does say, for all men is a more excellent way.

Indeed, from the heart to the mind, love my friend is always kind.

And this kind of love will persevere, to carry you through any fear.

Love always rejoices in The Truth, even in light of men’s reproof.

Friend, of this love, it is a must, that your heart be filled with trust.

This is a love that helps you cope, anchored in the Blessed Hope.

A love that’s always patient friend, from the beginning to the end.

A love that will always protect, the Body of Christ with all respect.

Within this love you will not see, shades of the way we used to be,

Christ has come into our hearts, giving our love a brand new start.

Christ like love is never rude, as we’re clothed with a new attitude.

Now clothed with a humble shroud, Christ like love is never proud.

And with His life as our guidepost, our love friend will never boast.

Love doesn’t delight in evil youth, as one matures into God’s Truth.

And His love does not envy others, for in Christ we are all brothers.

Love keeps no record of wrong, as members of God’s Holy throng.

Friend this love is not easily angered, when in Christ it is anchored.

The source of this way is from above, as Jesus Himself is the Love.

My friend for this love we can hail, Christ above, for He will not fail.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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