Changing From Within

Spiritual Change

Before any changes can begin, God must change us from within,

By The Spirit, who in us resides, to change our hearts and minds.

I speak of a lasting change in us, who in God have put their trust,

To live our entire life for Him, Christ, who gave His life for our sin.

True change, by God, has its start, when in Christ we’re set apart,

Set apart as God’s Holy Ones, as believers we become His Sons.

As we come to Christ we receive, The Holy Spirit when we believe,

And He makes changes in our life, to help us live for Jesus Christ.

As His, we don’t stay the same, altered by the power of His name,

You shall be changed, be assured, to be a testimony for our Lord.

He puts us in the Narrow Way, with sustaining Grace for each day,

Grace coupled with His Power, to live for God each day and hour.

But, an active role we must play, in living for the Savior every day,

As certain choices that we make, deal with ways we must forsake.

The initial change God made inside, now, in Christ we must abide,

To make those changes that we need, to live life as God decreed.

This cannot be done apart, from God’s Word dwelling in our heart,

Richly dwelling within our soul, making us in Christ, new and whole,

Transforming our heart and mind, this as we leave the past behind,

Through change made by our Lord; changes that won’t go ignored.

(Copyright ©04/2008 Bob Gotti)

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