A Need For Mercy

It was God’s Grace that I received, on that day when I believed.

Today it’s God’s Mercy that I need, and on this very day indeed.

I need God to intervene for me, so His hand of Grace I may see.

To see His hand in my life today, while working in a special way.

It was Grace that saved me first, when in sin, I was at my worst,

And for Mercy, did not receive, those eternal wages, due to me.

As it was totally of God’s Grace, when His Son died in my place,

When Christ forgave all my sin, and God The Father took me in.

Now He is at God’s Right Hand, where for us He takes a stand,

Where Christ intervenes for me, and all others who truly believe.

And so at times I seek His face, that I may receive God’s Grace,

That I may have Mercy from God, instead of His chastising Rod.

God’s Mercy is abundant friend, with Grace sufficient to the end.

When I face a day filled with strife, I need God’s Grace in my life.

But if Mercy to me does not come, I receive Grace from His Son,

And Christ’s Grace is sufficient to, guide me always fully through.

So today I’ll lean upon The Lord, whose Grace always will endure,

This through any trial in any pain, for my life He will surely sustain.

For it’s only by His Mercy I’ll be, in Heaven with Christ for Eternity.

And very soon by God’s Grace, above I will see my Savior’s face.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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