Living Higher


I need to live my life much higher, much higher than my former life.

To walk with Jesus is my desire, to walk each day like Jesus Christ.

And when I walk through the fire, to remember He was my sacrifice.

As at the time it was His desire, to pay for all men the ultimate price.

However, I must remember friend, the former life from where I came.

Back where God did condescend; saving me from my sin and shame.

With a Love, one can’t comprehend, and now my life is not the same.

And it’s His love that I recommend, and with my life, Christ I proclaim.

I need to be a witness every day, for Jesus Christ, who died for me,

And I need to walk that narrow way, so it is only Jesus men will see.

This as I choose the words I say, so men they may think on eternity.

As soon He’ll come without delay, returning in Power and Authority.

I’m saved by Grace from the night, with a message of light to herald.

Friend, now I am called to be a light, within a dark and gloomy world.

To boldly speak a Truth that’s right, even as men’s insults are hurled.

For soon all will see God’s might, when Christ’s Kingdom is unfurled.

My friend, the only thing sure in life, is that one day this life will end.

What is more than sound advice, is where in eternity will you spend?

If you desire to have Eternal Life, you need to know Christ my friend.

But if you choose to reject Christ, you alone shall stand condemned.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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