Divine Enablements

God's Sovereignty

To The Church, Christ has sent, to all Believers, Divine Enablements,

The Spiritual Gifts sent from above, from God the Father by His Love.

Sent by The Holy Spirit my friend, The Spirit Christ promised to send,

For God’s purpose in Jesus Christ, indwelling Believers with New Life.

The Lord sends the gift of prophecy, about events that are going to be,

Pointing all men to future events, through The Spirit that God has sent.

To some He gave the gift of faith, which goes beyond just being saved,

Faith that sees God’s hand of Grace, in all their trials and every place.

A gift of tongues and interpretation, of the languages of many nations,

And this to spread to all of creation, the Eternal Gift of God’s Salvation.

To others, the gift that God has sent, was that of spiritual discernment,

For discerning of the spiritual side; of what teachings should be denied.

To some men, the gift of healing ills, and all in accordance to God’s will,

To display God’s Healing Power, to expose His light in a darkened hour.

To some He gave miraculous powers, in The Church’s very early hours,

Powers that confirmed the very birth, of Christ’s New Testament Church,

And friend, not to all, but to some, The Lord had sent the gift of wisdom,

A heavenly wisdom, from on high, one that rises above the earthly kind.

To men He gave the gift of knowledge, a kind that’s not found in college,

The Knowledge of God’s Eternal Word, to be shared until all have heard.

These gifts are for The Church of God, being built on the earth we trod,

The Body being built by Jesus Christ, of living stones who have new life.

These gifts are given to each stone, by The Lord who is on The Throne.

With a set purpose for The Lord; by One Spirit to be used in one accord.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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