Casting All Your Cares

Cast all your cares to Jesus Christ, and peace will flow into your life.

Just cast every single burden to Him, even those ladened with sin.

Lay them at the foot of the cross, where He died for sins of the lost.

Even when your trials don’t cease, He will fill your heart with peace.

God wants to transform your life, through the power of Jesus Christ.

With the same power He displayed, when our Lord Jesus was raised.

That was three days after friend, for all the world He was condemned.

Where God judged the world’s sin; as our iniquity was placed on Him.

Christ died in much agony and pain, and it was all for our eternal gain.

When all the sin of this world, upon His shoulders by God was hurled.

The Sinless Lamb had died for all; and this to free us from Adam’s fall.

Christ, the firstfruits of God’s love, is now enthroned in Heaven above.

With God’s Power came His Grace, for His Only Son died in our place.

Christ had given His life to rise again, and this is the Hope for all men.

Believers are buried with Jesus Christ, and in Him we rise to New Life.

Christ’s bodily resurrection is the proof, of God’s Glorious Eternal Truth.

Remember that Christ died for all, and our burdens for Him are small.

Christ died to give us all new life, so He can deal with our daily strife.

So cast all your cares at His feet, for in Christ Jesus we are complete.

And until we look upon His face, Christ will sustain us with His Grace.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

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