Opinions friend, we all may have, and opinions are not always bad.

All opinions indeed carry no weight, in regards to one’s eternal fate.

Opinions, my friend often speak, to the heart and mind of the weak.

They tend to sway a weaker heart, when from truth they do depart.

Opinions vary from one to the next, colored by many various sects.

Various groups truly do abound, as each echoes a different sound.

Men with opinions tend to change, and they’re not always the same.

But, God’s Truth doesn’t change; written in stone it’ll forever remain.

Opinions just air what men feel, delivered to all with a personal zeal.

But some are more of an appeal, contesting God’s Truth that’s real.

Opinions are formed deep inside, the inner feelings moved by pride.

Their opinions are a vain reproof, of God’s unchanging Eternal Truth.

They speak, but don’t understand, their voices are like shifting sand.

Easily moved by the wind and tide; all because The Truth is denied.

Isn’t it just a little bit strange, how much strong opinions do change?

When a big wind comes through, they change just like emotions do.

Opinionated people truly abound, even where God’s Truth is found.

Are they just the enemy’s sleuth, seeking The Lord’s ultimate truth?

However, opinions will not stand, in the presence of The Son of Man.

There only The Truth will reside, and vain opinions will all be denied.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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