Transported To The Sky

The End Times

Soon I’ll be transported to the sky, to be with my Lord way up high.

I will be lifted up into the clouds, to join the many victorious crowds.

And together we’ll see the face, of Christ who led us by His Grace.

On that day and that special hour, we’ll be changed by His Power.

Friend, this is what’s ahead for me, and all on their way to Eternity.

This is the Hope I have in Christ, which goes beyond temporal life,

He’s gone to prepare a place for us, and in His words I put my trust.

Christ’s coming back again for me, so that where He is I too can be.

We do not know what lies ahead, but, we know what Christ had said.

So be not anxious my dear friend, for this life on earth is not the end.

Soon will come great devastation; for all waiting He brings Salvation.

Jesus is our Blessed Hope my friend; He’s a brighter path to the end.

In Christ we’re on a different path; we weren’t saved to suffer wrath,

Saved by Christ’s Gracious Love, to live with Him forever up above.

When we hear that trumpet sound, all the Saints shall gather round,

Jesus Christ the Eternal King, and together hear the Heavens sing.

My friend, in the twinkling of an eye, we’ll be with The Lord on high,

Changed to be just like The Lord, with new bodies that will endure,

Eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ, as He leads us into Eternal Life.

So friend it’s right to keep our eyes, fixed upon our Lord in the skies.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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