What’s Up Yonder?

Probing Questions

Friend did you ever truly ponder, the sky above and what’s up yonder?

Does your mind ever pierce the sky, to what’s up there and even why?

To a place you have never been, the place many call the third heaven.

A holy place where God resides, that’s well above the temporal skies.

High above these earthly clouds, are multitudes of Heavenly Crowds,

The many saints who went before, now in the presence of The Lord.

It’s a special place we are told, one that’s paved with streets of gold.

In this place flows a Crystal Sea, from under The Throne of Eternity.

And there will be a River of Life, that flows from the Throne of Christ.

On each side is a Tree of Life, for healing the nations of their strife.

There will be no more night, for The Lord God will give all men light.

Heaven’s Light will be His Son; He’s The Eternal Light for everyone.

But, is this place truly there, and why would a Holy God even care?

To extend to mere mortal men, a place for us, to live forever friend.

Heaven is a place that’s pure, and will remain that way forevermore.

A place that’s free of sin and strife, where all men live a blissful Life.

There we’ll have an eternal home, beside God’s Everlasting Throne.

On that Throne, above the sea, where Christ shall reign for Eternity.

Have you ever pondered friend, just where in eternity you will spend?

For Heaven is a place for sure; a place you get to through The Lord.

The curse of earth shall be gone, and replaced with an Eternal Song.

Eternal Praises to Christ our Lord, who upon a wicked cross endured,

A wicked death for both you and me, so that we could live for eternity.

It was His life Christ chose to give, so in Heaven forever we could live.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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