Whiter Than Snow

God's Sovereignty

As the snow falls from up above, it falls down on the earth below.

It covers everything like a glove, with The Creator’s winter show.

But peeking out is a contrast of, the dark earth beneath the snow.

Soon the sun will return and then, the blanket of snow melts away.

Although it all was covered friend, the earth below is there to stay.

The ground will be exposed again, as before all that snow did lay.

The snow just like the rain will fall, whether it’s in the day or night.

And the snow creates a quiet lull, as it covers all within our sight.

But the ice and snow in its all, will surely dissipate come the light.

Friend, we also cover up in life, our deepest inner hurts and pain.

The inner anguish and the strife, along with thoughts we disdain.

The pains cut deep like a knife, as deep in the heart they remain.

Hidden deep there is also sin, which is hidden down in our heart.

The sin that is buried deep within, creates a much darkened part.

But men in Christ who trust in Him, God gives to them a new start.

Although ones life is like a harlot, Christ will show you how to go.

And though our sin is as scarlet, He’ll make us whiter than snow.

Christ will give you a New Spirit, and in The Spirit you will grow.

All of your sins Christ forgave, this back on the cross of Calvary.

Now matter how darkly depraved, on that cross He set you free.

It was you The Lord had saved, when Christ died upon that tree.

Your sin He did more than cover, for He has washed it all away.

Friend you will soon discover, that in your heart He came to stay.

There His Peace, He will uncover, to fill your heart night and day.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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