Lost In The Cracks


Many people are lost in the cracks, and never given the eternal facts,

Facts from God on life and death, and unprepared for their last breath.

Men never blessed by God’s Word, nor Eternal Truth have they heard,

Not knowing any of God’s Revelation, they’re unaware of His salvation.

God’s blessed Truth they need to hear, not knowing if their end is near,

For all will face an end in life, and need to know The Lord Jesus Christ.

The One who came to set them free, and grant them new life eternally,

It’s through us God shares the Word, until men everywhere have heard,

Preaching Truth, so all men can see, after this brief life, comes eternity.

Man’s eternity without Christ as Lord, will be cold and dark forevermore.

We have a task to do what’s right, and preach to all God’s Eternal Light,

So others too, can find God’s Door, the Only One, that’s Christ the Lord.

For men who’ve fallen in a crack, The Lord’s Grace can lead them back,

Back into the fold of their Creator, into the everlasting arms of our Savior.

The Eternal Shepherd who cares for all, the down trodden, big and small,

For many people, the crack they’re in, is due in large part, to a life of sin,

The same sin that Christ saved us from, the sin the cross has overcome.

And Jesus Christ is God’s only light, to help men from the crack of night.

My friend, it is the believer’s task, to help men safely out of life’s cracks,

To God’s Only Rock that’s sound, so they can enter God’s Holy Ground.

(Copyright ©12/2006)

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