The Throne of Grace

God's Sovereignty

You can reach The Throne of Grace, my friend, any time in any place,

Where you can reach The Lord of all, from above, He’ll hear your call.

Friend, you can call on Him today, He’ll listen to what you have to say.

You can speak to The Lord audibly, or simply from your heart silently.

While in prayer, you get closer to, the very God, who has created you.

We can approach Him in confidence, for His Mercy in any circumstance.

He my friend is a personal God, who knows all about the path you trod.

Christ sent The Spirit to intercede, who knows our deepest inner need,

Conveying needs to be addressed, with groans words can not express.

And The Spirit’s groaning is in accord, to the sovereign will of The Lord.

He desires to have with you friend, a real relationship that has no end.

God wants an intimate relationship, so do not just shoot from your hip.

Share with Him what’s on your mind, and this at any place at any time.

Share with The Lord all your fears, and all your sadness and your tears.

Do not approach Him being coy; instead share all your gladness and joy.

Being a Loving God who truly cares, He will listen to all of your prayers.

You can cast all your cares on Him, remember, He died for all your sin.

If you’ve never prayed to God above, today consider His awesome Love.

God sent His Only Son Christ to die, as reconciliation for both you and I.

So that God in Heaven once again, could commune below with all men.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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