A Need To Comprehend

Christ has died for all my friend, but for many, Christ is not the end.

Many can't even comprehend, what He's done for them my friend.

We are saved from a hopeless fate, many don't truly contemplate.

All are born with a sinful heart, separated from God from the start.

We were truly lost in our sin, with no desire at all for seeking Him.

In His Son we have come to trust, only because God first loved us.

We were dead in transgressions, separated from God by our sins,

When we followed the prince of the air, who leads many to despair.

Going down that wicked path, we were by nature, objects of wrath.

But as we were dead in that life, God made us alive in Jesus Christ.

For we who were once far away, have been saved in a Glorious way.

It was by God's Grace we were saved, from a world totally depraved.

By God's Mercy and His Love, we are now seated with Christ above.

Through His blood we have peace, and through God it will not cease.

We now have access to God above, provided for us by Christ's Love.

We’ve been brought near by Christ, who was God's atoning sacrifice,

As foreigners to God's Covenant, without hope, then Christ was sent.

Excluded from the Nation Israel, and all the promises God shall fulfill.

No longer do men stand apart, as Jesus brought together every heart.

God has reconciled the eternal plan, through the cross for every man.

Friend, we have come to appreciate, that life is not just a simple fate.

Facing alone eternal separation, we stood in need of God's Salvation.

Standing condemned forevermore, but in His Love God sent our Lord.

My friend, undeserved is this life, which we now have in Jesus Christ.

And now because Christ is our end; we will not be found condemned.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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