Not Peace But A Sword

The Word of God

On the scene came Christ The Lord, not with peace but with a sword.

The sword was The Word of Truth, and to many it became a reproof.

To many hearts Truth would come, to acknowledge God’s Only Son.

But many just wouldn’t believe, and The Truth they would not receive.

For many tradition plays a part, following old ways that sway the heart.

Christ came with the New Covenant, fulfilling the Word prophets sent.

But many men would only dispute, Christ’s teaching on Eternal Truth.

His teaching would have men opposed, to others in their own homes.

A father would oppose his own son, about Christ Jesus being the One,

Who was sent from God above, sent to demonstrate His Father’s Love.

A man’s daughter would cause strife, as she too would oppose his wife.

She also would contest the life, which men would found through Christ.

Truth alone as one’s ultimate source, was for many the dividing force.

Many would turn away from Christ, while they embrace this earthly life.

While others would find true unity, through Christ’s teaching on Eternity.

And Jesus is The Prince of Peace, whose Eternal reign will never cease.

Today He reigns in the heart of men, who through faith are Born Again.

Born Again through The Spirit above, who by faith receive God’s Love.

And today if you embrace your sin, you too, will stand opposed to Him.

But you don’t have to fear the sword, if you will accept Christ as Lord.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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