A Day For Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate a proclamation, to thank our Gracious Lord and God.

To thank Him all across this nation, throughout this blessed land we trod.

And we thank Him for our Salvation, while with humbled hearts we nod.

We’re set apart through Sanctification, and led by Christ’s staff and rod.

Our country’s blessed in many ways, through The Lord’s Amazing Grace.

A Grace that sustains all our days, and across all this land in every place.

It is to The Lord we give our praise, while we also humbly seek His face.

For to that land that humbly prays, God shall continue His Loving Grace.

For us this country is a land of plenty, supplied by The Loving Lord above.

He reaches down while guiding many, with His awesome Grace and Love.

And God can meet the needs of any, fitting them just like a hand in glove.

So when blessed in a land of plenty, it should be God you’re thinking of.

Our Thanksgiving Day had its start, through the decision of just one man.

It is just one day that is set apart, to express thanks throughout our land.

And thankfulness is at the heart, as we acknowledge God’s Loving Hand.

Thanks each day we should impart, until all men truly come to understand.

Our country’s birth and every nation, is conceived by our Sovereign God,

Who alone deserves all men’s praise, for His sustaining and loving Grace.

A Grace that reaches down to many, drawing them to Christ and His Love,

Until He touches every single heart, of every single man upon every land.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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