He Has Overcome

“Be of good cheer” said The Lord, for He has overcome this world.

For stressful times can’t be ignored, as trials about us are unfurled.

He went on and then implored, His Father to protect us in the world.

This is a message from The Lord, for men’s comfort we can herald.

Christ then sent The Spirit down to us, sent from Heaven up above.

In The Spirit we can place our trust, comforted by The Father’s Love.

Then living in The Spirit’s a must, if we’re to have peace from above.

Though as men we’re but dust, we are blessed by The Father’s Love.

We’re strangers on this earthly sod, on a mission for Christ our Lord.

By Christ our feet have been shod, to proclaim to all what’s in store.

Then sent by The Lord our God, to lead men to life and much more.

Pointing men wherever we trod; to a real Treasure in Christ our Lord.

No longer enticed by this earth, as we long for that Eternal Treasure.

Redirected through New Birth, for this world has no lasting pleasure.

But the life ahead has lasting worth, with a value beyond all measure.

Comparison can’t be found on earth, to match that Eternal Treasure.

In Jesus Christ we have overcome, this fallen world and its emptiness.

Through Christ, God’s Own Son, we are heirs of His Righteousness.

Friend, when all is said and done, this empty world we shall not miss.

As together we enter with God’s Son, into His Heavenly Eternal Bliss.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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