Marriage With Christ

Christ is The Chief Cornerstone, the foundation of a believing home,

He brings together a man and wife, drawn together to share this life.

From the beginning, not two but three, are now joined to be a family,

In the ups and downs in this life, you’re three in one in Jesus Christ.

Two now united, never to depart, in God’s eyes right from the start,

A man and a woman now are one, held together by God’s own Son.

Facing in life a brand new road, but put together to share their load,

While the larger loads in their life, are handled through Jesus Christ.

When troubled times truly come, you draw strength from God’s Son,

Who together leads both of you, to see you both completely through.

God will show you both just how, you can honor your marriage vow,

While The Lord fills your life, with the love and peace of Jesus Christ.

The sure foundation that Jesus lays, helps marriages in many ways,

Ways that foster Christ’s Love within, a marriage as you live for Him.

Christ will make your empty house, a loving home with your spouse,

Being mindful of the other's needs, with His love through your deeds.

In a marriage God puts a flame, when built on Christ’s Loving name,

And Christ keeps that flame alive, as God helps your marriage thrive.

In Christ a marriage will not end; He’s the Counselor I’d recommend,

Helping you with all your fears, as He leads you to your golden years.

(Copyright ©11/2006)

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