Seeds To Heed


They listen but they do not heed, although you may plant a seed,

A seed which can grow from in, convicting them of wrong and sin.

With what you say they disagree, about God’s Truths on Eternity.

They won’t accept The Only Way, disputing all that you may say.

Men cannot deny Eternal Truth, without receiving Divine reproof,

Reproof that leads men to look, into The Good Lord’s Holy Book.

You’ll see on pages of His Word, many Truths that you’ve heard.

With His Word before your eyes, you’ll see Truths you recognize.

That God’s created every man, and Christ rules over every land,

And that every man can live his life, with or without Jesus Christ.

For a free will to all God gives, to every man on earth who lives.

And God will not force anyone, to accept and embrace His Son.

Even though you do not believe, that His Son you must receive,

God will put men in your life, to move your heart to Jesus Christ.

Sowing seeds along the way, to be watered by what others say,

Growing seeds of need in our heart, so His Truth He can impart.

God’s tiny little mustard seed, grows so His Word you will heed,

As Truth moves us to the place, where we’re open to His Grace.

And if His Grace we still refuse, it’s Eternal Life that we will lose,

For all who refuse God’s Truth, shall experience Eternal Reproof.

(Copyright ©11/2006)

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