Pride of Knowledge

Knowledge, my friend, can truly be, an asset for both you and me.

But too much simply stored inside, can fill a heart with fatal pride.

Pride does come before a fall, so friend beware when walking tall.

A humble heart will please God; a prideful heart will see His Rod.

As much is received it’s required, that you seek out God’s desire.

Friend, you just can’t afford, to squander the gifts from The Lord.

The knowledge you’re blessed with, is from God an awesome gift.

A gift that can be freely shared, about our Loving God who cared.

God Who so loved the world, He sent John a message to herald.

About His Son Jesus Christ, who would come to be His sacrifice.

On a cross He was condemned, The Sinless Lamb for sinful men.

His message was then received, by those who truly had believed.

Some proud men would not hear, that The Son of God was near.

John, a humble man in a crowd, of learned men who were proud.

They had hearts so deceived, that his message was not believed.

By their hands, John lost his life, but was exalted by Jesus Christ.

A humble heart, God can use, to share with men His Good News.

You’ll be exalted by Jesus Christ, and rewarded with Eternal Life.

But the proud will be humbled friend, by Jesus Christ in the end.

For their rejection of Jesus Christ, they shall not see Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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