Please Understand


Understand that if I appear aloof, I prefer to only state God’s Truth,

To post The Truth for others to see, it’s all about Him not about me.

For the only true way to life, is found in the words of Jesus Christ.

And He is the one who died for me, so that I could live in Eternity.

Understand that if I seem reserved, it’s not me but The Lord I serve.

It’s His Name that I want to raise, for all I am may He get the praise.

And I live my life to honor Him, for me He died to take away my sin.

My life is to be a living sacrifice, to Praise and Honor Jesus Christ.

Understand that I am in this race, only through His Amazing Grace.

And in this daily race that I run, it is through Christ that I overcome.

Friend, this is why I fix my eyes, on Jesus Christ, the ultimate prize.

For when my race in life is done, I’ll give an account to God’s Son.

Understand that if you disagree, your gripe’s with God not with me.

For the message is from Him; The Spotless Lamb who had no sin.

A Sinless Lamb was sin for us, and upon The Lamb I put my trust.

And this Truth I have received, I share so others may also believe.

Understand He’s coming back again, to reward or judge every man.

Before He left, to believers He said, preach Life to all who are dead,

Spiritually dead is what we are, until we receive Christ in our heart.

And the Only Way to Eternal Life, is through The Son Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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