Did You Ever Question Why?

Probing Questions

Do you have a purpose in life, amidst the struggles and the strife?

A purpose that will forever endure, in the work of Christ our Lord.

Do you have an ultimate end, which you are striving for my friend?

Things on earth will cease to be, with the ultimate end in Eternity.

Friend, did you ever question why; we are born to just simply die?

From your very initial breath, you live to one day anticipate death.

Is it not simply natural for us, to live and to die and return to dust?

But being created like The Son, when we die The Lord isn’t done.

Just where did all life originate, could it simply be one big mistake?

Life is such an awesome design, much too grand to evolve in time.

Just when did it all come to be, and is there a place called eternity?

A place without beginning friend, and one that simply has no end.

Why would anyone truly believe, in a place they can not conceive?

For no one can truly conceive, what God has for those who believe.

Is there something to this hope, that supplies men power to cope?

To cope with all the struggles in life, in the power of Jesus Christ.

Friend, did you ever want to know, when you die where do you go?

Heaven and Hell are truly real, eternally my friend, it’s a done deal.

Still ahead there is an eternity, a timeless place where all shall be.

All questions you have today, will be answered in a permanent way.

Question now your eternal state, it’s not chance or the finger of fate.

So would you on this day believe, and in your heart by faith receive,

As Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and He will grant you Eternal Life.

Then questions will cease to be, as you enter with Him into Eternity.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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