A Larger Plan

You set your mind and your heart, on your goal right from the start.

You then begin to plan a course, consulting every available source.

As you plan for hopes and needs, you also plant a few extra seeds,

Placing just a few irons in the fire, and this plan’s for a future desire.

However, you can never be quite sure, just which plans will endure,

Or which plans made in this life, could lead you into unknown strife.

When you fall into times of strife, God’s Plan creates a peaceful life.

So as you choose to plan ahead, be sure you seek His Plan instead.

Times change; we know not why, and some dreams will tend to die.

Even when your directions change, real Hope will remain the same.

What truly never dies is real hope, the staying force helps you cope,

Helps you cope in changing times, when your plans are misaligned.

This is the Hope from up above, which changes lives by God’s Love.

Our Blessed Hope in Jesus Christ, is the stabilizing force in this life.

Friend, the only hope that will endure, is the Hope in Christ our Lord.

He extends beyond an earthly hope, expanding to an eternal scope.

You can make your plans my friend, but God directs them in the end,

For The Lord God has a larger plan, and wants to include every man.

But you my friend must do your part, and have a real change of heart,

Then when real change does come, you’ll be in Eternity with His Son.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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