How Are You Living?

Probing Questions

Friend do you live your daily life, with a heart and mind for Christ?

Living life so Christ’s Light extends, into the world of your friends.

Are you mindful of all you say and do, truly living your life anew?

Forsaking all your former ways, while moving on to brighter days.

And do you live as if you knew, that Jesus travels along with you?

For everywhere you choose to go, Jesus Christ shall surely know.

And where you go, is your action, to fill your fleshly satisfaction?

Or are your choices pleasing to, Jesus Christ, who died for you?

Do you walk in newness of life, as you daily follow Jesus Christ?

Friend, how can I belong to Him, and continue to engage in sin?

We must not grieve The Spirit, by ignoring Truth when we hear it.

We must please the Spirit in all we do, as we live our lives anew.

My friend following Jesus has a cost, if you want to reach the lost.

Jesus himself paid the initial price, now we need to be a sacrifice.

This by living a life forsaking sin, so that unbelievers we can win.

We’re saved by Jesus so we can be; light upon a hill, for all to see.

From the fallen night we’ve come, to be a light for God’s Only Son.

With the dark, light has no place, once you’re saved by His Grace.

Once The Spirit lives in your heart, He my friend will never depart.

Will you quench The Spirit’s fire, listening to Satan an ancient liar?

We are to be separate friend, from a world that stands condemned.

Don’t let the darkness of the world, mar the message that we herald.

There’s no darkness in The One, who God sent as light for everyone.

Friend, it is His Son Jesus Christ, who is to be the beacon of our life.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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