There Is No God

There is no God these men contend, no one who reigns above all men.

No one has created you and me, the big bang created all that we see.

There’s no one who’s sitting in authority, over all the lands and the sea.

And there is no God who sits above us, one in whom you say you trust.

There is no Heaven above the sky; a special place to go when you die.

And there is no Hell down below; a wicked place where unbelievers go.

You will simply die like all of us, and just like all men, return to the dust.

For there simply is no God at all, and that thought is indeed quite small.

This is what all those men claim, all those men, who reject His Name,

That is the name of God’s Only Son; who came to earth for everyone.

But why do all these men complain, if our faith in God is that insane?

And why do those men hold fast to, a distorted belief that’s so untrue?

If they think our faith is so dumb, where do they think they came from?

For many of them, it’s not even clear, why on earth they’re even here.

And most of them don’t even know, when they die, where they will go.

The answers are in The Word friend, about our beginning and our end.

But God’s Truth those men despise, and so they clutch onto futile lies.

Believing they are not accountable, they go on living their life as a fool.

However, when all is said and done, they will all meet God’s Only Son.

Then they’ll know that their Creator, could have also been their Savior.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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