David’s Psalms

Some days can indeed be long, but you can fill your day with song.

And with a song within your heart, The Spirit lifts you from the start.

Fill the day with psalms and hymns, and you will be at peace within.

When your day’s not going right, song can fill your heart with Light.

Many Psalms that David penned, were during dark times my friend,

When trouble would rear its head, King David would rejoice instead.

As darkness would surround the King, his heart would begin to sing.

From his grief he would awaken, for by his God he was not forsaken.

Through all his grief and his pain, in his heart, The Lord would reign.

Even when in the darkest place, King David could seek God’s Grace.

And mercy would abound in Him, cleansing King David of all his sin.

God would bring him to the place, so he again could seek God’s face.

In the midst of trouble or despair, King David’s God was always there.

Through the day and in the night, The Lord God was David’s delight.

The love of God in all his days, filled his heart with a song and praise.

Psalms of joy can fill your heart, providing a peace that won’t depart.

So when your day seems so wrong, read of David’s praise and song,

His uncompromising love was why; David was the apple of God’s eye.

Today we can emulate David’s life, as we seek to live for Jesus Christ.

David’s example can be our song, whether our days are short or long.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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