Darkness In Dark Times

The End Times

There are people who make the best, of a dark and dire situation,

Taking advantage of all the rest, having no concern or consolation.

During a time men are distressed, they feed upon their desperation.

And to all this man can attest, they only add hurt to the devastation.

Times of grief are sure to come; when the day is dark as the night.

In these times just seek The Son, who came to earth to be a Light.

For Christ is truly the Only One, who can in the dark give you sight.

Christ will be like the morning sun, that rises over the dark of night.

But for some God has no place, either in their mind or in their heart.

For they never gave God’s Grace, any opportunity to have its start.

So for them there’s not a trace, of His Light in their darkened heart.

And one day they’ll have to face, The Lord as they eternally depart.

That will be in the time of the end, when He does away with iniquity.

When all the darkness is condemned, and separated for all eternity.

That is when all nations and men, from the darkness will be set free.

And then The True Light my friend, forever shall shine for all to see.

Darkness will be a thing of the past, and not to be found in Paradise.

All darkness will be eternally cast, into dark’s abyss by Jesus Christ.

As Christ’s Light will eternally last, for all who enter into Eternal Life,

Into an eternity, so bright and vast, and all because of His Sacrifice.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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