A Body of Believers

My friend, a true body of believers, will truly be of one accord,

When the spirit they’ve received, is truly from Christ The Lord.

The infiltration of any deceivers, is one thing unity can’t afford,

If a true body of believers, seeks to serve and glorify The Lord.

The early Church of Jesus Christ, was of one accord at the start,

As men surrendered their life, and gave to God their entire heart.

They were to become the Light, and shades of dark had no part.

And anyone initiating any strife, for the sake Jesus must depart.

A special unity they would show, as they preached to all the rest,

And all who saw would truly know, from above they were blessed.

By The Lord they were sent to go, and of Truth they would attest.

Through all trials they would grow, gaining strength at every test.

They were known for their love, for Jesus Christ and one another,

Through a unity that was truly of, The Lord Jesus in every brother.

And it was from The Lord above, whose love is truly like no other.

Drawing other men with His Love; hoping this day to add another.

They had spread God’s revelation, about The Lord Jesus Christ,

And all about The Lord’s Salvation, and the Hope of Eternal Life.

Preaching to every man and nation, in the Love of Jesus Christ,

And always with an anticipation, that they’d give Christ their life.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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