Time Is Of The Essence

The Word of God

Dear friend, time is of the essence, for this world knows not when,

We’ll see the Glorious Presence, of The Lord and Savior of all men.

First there’ll be an assemblance, of all those who were Born Again.

And we’ll visit our remembrance, of saved family and saved friends.

Then every single man and nation, shall see the Glory of our Lord.

When all shall see the exaltation, of The One that they all ignored.

For Christ alone is our Salvation, for Jesus Christ is the only Door.

From the dawn of man’s creation, He’s the One men have adored.

Your length of time on this earth, comes without a sure guarantee,

From the very time of your birth, to that time you step into eternity.

Even in living life for all its worth, the end of it is the only certainty.

And this world has not the mirth, which you’ll see through eternity.

This life is so uncertain friend, for some it is short, others it’s long.

Even if you don’t see the end, you’re here today then you’re gone.

How in eternity will you spend, that time ahead that quite is long?

Is Jesus Christ an Eternal Friend, to fill your eternity with a song?

The end of time is sure to come, no matter what you’ve believed.

So don’t continue worthless fun, and enter into eternity deceived.

But today, call upon God’s Son, and in your heart, in Him believe,

And from Christ The Eternal One, an Eternal Life you will receive.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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