Only One Church

The Church of God, the church of man, only one is The Lord’s Plan.

The church of man, The Church of God, only one is spared the Rod.

A church without Jesus Christ, is a church without The Hope of Life.

The Hope beyond this world friend, of Eternal Life which has no end.

Some groups gather to dispel, Scriptural Truths of Heaven and Hell.

As they gather, they all contend, we should not teach about the end.

They say the Bible lacks validity, on the teachings of life in Eternity.

They say what others want to hear, for their minds and itching ears.

Churches built upon men’s rules, preaching to a vast choir of fools.

They prey upon rebellious youth, mixing their lies with God’s truth.

Many churches proclaim today, a need to broaden the narrow way.

They pull many onto this path, that ends in God’s destructive wrath.

From their pulpits they sermonize, twisted truths among wicked lies.

They are men in shepherd’s clothes, that even Christ would oppose.

These men preach wrong as right, mixing darkness with God’s Light.

They do not serve God or Christ, but serve their own sinful appetite.

Many are on the road of destruction, led by simple human deduction.

Men persuaded by logic and reason, to accept all folly for a season.

In their hearts they conceive, erroneous truths to have you believe,

Truth is different for every man, and that God to all will condescend.

However God’s One and Only Way, remains Jesus to this very day.

For God’s Only Way to truth and life is in the name of Jesus Christ.

Those enticed by wayward hearts, shall be told by Christ to depart,

For they were never born anew, and Jesus Christ they never knew.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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