Another Task At Hand

One more task finished my friend, for what God starts He will end.

He will finish so that you will know, God will help you as you grow.

For God is with you in all you do, God is there to see you through.

God will help you through every task, and all you have to do is ask.

Christ has work prepared for you, in the simple daily tasks you do.

Friend, daily as you do your job, you perform your work as for God.

Just do each task to please The Lord, and your effort is not ignored.

And as you work to serve The Lord, you will reap an eternal reward.

My friend, with The Lord any task, can have fruit that will surely last.

As you do the mundane things, God gives your heart songs to sing.

Friend, even when the day is bleak, simply let The Good Lord speak.

God speaks to you in The Word, in Godly wisdom that you've heard.

God’s Spirit creates in you and me, a witness that all others can see,

That in your job throughout the day, Jesus is with you along the way.

When you work at any place, you can point to His Awesome Grace.

A Grace that sustains me and you, throughout every task that we do.

As you grow you become assured, your daily strength is in The Lord.

For The Lord knows what is best, and in every task you are blessed.

With this task now said and done, you can point to God’s Only Son,

Christ, who is with you every day, through every task along the way.

(Copyright ©08/2005)

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