Another Journey Ends

In this life another journey ends, with the memory of many friends.

Memories in our hearts are cast, of those times which forever last.

And as you turn and walk away, memories of your time shall stay,

Stay etched upon another’s heart, where your witness left a mark.

As you look at that closing door, another journey’s set by The Lord,

With that door now out of sight, memories come of wrong and right.

How will people remember you, with thoughts of your witness too?

Will you be remembered for, being a fervent witness for The Lord?

In times that did not appear so right, did other men see your light?

Or did some men with their eyes, see you sometimes compromise?

These memories help you grow, in the next place God has you go.

All those memories of the past, that in your heart just seem to last.

Learning experiences that you had, all of them, both good and bad,

Will help you in the next work place, as you lean upon God’s Grace.

When there simply was no hope, it was Grace that helped you cope.

And in that task too big for you, God was there to help you through.

And The Lord supplied that friend, who stood with you until the end,

One placed by God was found, to help you in your ups and downs.

And the best friend is Jesus Christ, at your side through all your life.

And Christ remains in your heart, as your brand new journey starts.

(Copyright ©08/2005)

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