I Come To Him

I come to The Lord Jesus Christ; He gives to me a brand new life.

New Life in Christ from up above; the gift of God’s Awesome Love.

I bring to The Lord my life of sin, and He cleanses me deep within.

Cleansed by the Blood of Christ; the cleansing blood for every life.

I come to Him with a contrite heart, and God gives me a new start.

It’s the start of a brand new life, one centered around Jesus Christ.

I pray to God on bended knees, and Christ fills me with His peace.

That peace secured at Calvary, where Jesus died for you and me.

I come to Him with a heart of grief; God gives to me amazing relief.

He lifts the burden from my heart, and sinful ways begin to depart.

I come to Christ with no Hope, and He gives to me power to cope.

A power for this earthly race; supplied by God’s Awesome Grace.

I believe The Word as I hear it, and God gives me The Holy Spirit.

And The Holy Spirit I did receive, the very moment that I believed.

I surrender my life to Christ above, and God fills me with His Love.

Love to help me share The Word, until Truth, all men have heard.

I stand in need of His correction, and He gives me a new direction.

He forgives my past wicked life, and puts me on a path with Christ.

I come to Him out of empty strife, and He gives to me Eternal Life.

This empty world will pass away, but with Christ, I will forever stay.

You can come to Him my friend, and have yourself a better end,

If you would just believe in Christ, He too, will enter into your life.

God will forgive your sinful past, and give you a life that will last,

Life that will last for Eternity, where with Christ you’ll forever be.

(Copyright ©08/2005)

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