Searching For Truth

Many men venture up into space, searching for that time and place,

Just where this earth had its start, while guided by wayward hearts.

They circle way above this world, looking for grand news to herald,

News that they can be assured, the earth started without The Lord.

The Lord above, they simply mock, as to the craft above they dock,

Suspended high above the earth, filled with a vain and empty mirth.

All the time they simply speculate, of man’s beginning and his fate.

But God is not mocked my friend, as they will all see come the end.

Men continue to blindly say, all came from the big bang in one day.

A foolish theory men do embrace, so they can worship outer space.

At times I wonder, how can it be, in that vastness they can not see,

That everything their eyes can see, was created by God of Eternity.

Although they suppress The Truth, they all shall be without excuse,

Because the vastness of creation, confirms all of God’s Revelation.

Above the circle of our little earth, sits The Creator of our universe.

As Creator, only He holds the key, to every man’s eternal destiny.

Their search for truth is misplaced, ignoring God’s awesome Grace,

Men need to look to The Creator, accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.

Then He who sits above the earth, will grant these men a new birth,

And they will receive eyes to see, that space is a curtain to Eternity.

(Copyright ©08/2005)

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