To Live For You

Yes my Lord, I know what to do, and that Lord is to live for you,

To live for you wherever I go, even in places that I do not know.

For all my tasks at any place, are guided always by your Grace,

Grace that will see me through, everything that I’m called to do.

Your arm Lord is not too short, and this I can personally report,

For you supply the needed power, always in that darkest hour.

Sufficient is your Grace for me, as you always lead men to see.

When it seems darkest Lord, you always seem to open a door.

I just need to go about my day, walking down the narrow way,

Not turning to the left or right, as I keep you Lord, in my sight.

As it’s the times that I look away, that I stumble along the way.

But you always take my hand, and help me to regain my stand.

And in these times you testify, about your Power from on high.

Lifting me up when I’m weak; without words to men you speak.

You speak in every situation, affirming your words of revelation,

That you’ll always see me through, every place you take me to.

I just simply need to follow you, pointing men to One Who’s true.

And as I faithfully follow you, they will see in me a difference too,

Then I can point to Jesus Christ, as the True Sustainer of my life,

That by the witness of my life, men may choose to follow Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2005)

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