In Times Ahead

There’s a day ahead for all of us, but not all say “In God we Trust”,

Many today simply forge ahead, relying fully on one’s self instead.

But as believers, we’ve received, a new path in life as we believed,

Paved to Glory in the Spirit of Christ, taking us all into Eternal Life.

While others truly may not know, where in life their pathway will go,

Not knowing that any day or hour, all may falter, in their own power.

Whereas believers not only know, at their end of life where they go,

They have God’s presence through, everything that they seek to do.

Unbelievers may survive down here; however a time is drawing near,

When they will take that last breath, passing from this life into death.

We survive and much much more, knowing we have Heaven in store,

Guided on earth by God’s Grace, as members of His Heavenly race.

If unbelievers in life reach a bend, they cannot face or comprehend,

They’re forced to choose on their own, making that choice all alone.

On a path of winds and bends, God gives strength to all He sends,

Along the pilgrim journey down here, knowing that He’s always near.

Joy is given to those on earth, who come to God through New Birth,

So why would one just merely live, when God has New Life to give?

A life knowing you will never die, but, be transported above the sky,

To live eternally with everyone, who receives salvation in God’s Son.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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