Day By Day

Day by day I am in the hand, of The Father and The Son of Man,

In His hand, I’m there to stay; no one friend can snatch me away.

Even my own wandering heart, from The Lord can never depart.

For when I attempt to stray, He prods me back to the narrow way.

God sealed my fate on the day; I met Christ Jesus along the way,

Sealed for the Day of Redemption, when I accepted His Salvation.

I was sealed with The Spirit of God, to guide me every step I trod.

And sealed with God’s guarantee, that He will lead me to Eternity.

He guides my path at every turn, with a peace to ease all concern.

If there is a trial around the bend, sufficient Grace God shall send.

God’s promises are tried and true, what He says I know He will do,

So I depend on Him along the way, as I travel life’s path every day.

And whenever I am about to fall, I remember He is The Lord of all,

He strengthens my feeble knees, and fills my heart with His peace.

And this peace from His Grace, He bestows on me in every place.

It is the Grace that I received, when in Christ Jesus I had believed.

Ahead dark times are sure to come, so I will follow God’s Only Son.

For Christ is the only sure Light, through the darkness of the night.

He is aware of all my trials too, and He will surely see me through.

The Grace He sent to set me free, will guide me home to Eternity.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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