Christ Suffered For Us

Jesus Christ had suffered and died, while His accusers all survived,

The accusers cheered as they said; on the cross the Savior is dead.

Christ was accused of The Truth, which His enemy could not refute.

With a crown of thorns on His head, Christ said forgive them instead.

Saying they know not what they do, as The Lord died for me and you.

At the sight of the earthquake, at the cross one centurion then spake;

He exclaimed with a reverent nod, surely Christ was the Son of God.

Friend with a nail deep in His side, for all sins Christ Jesus had died.

His body that night was then laid, by Joseph into his newly cut grave.

But some feared in their heart, that from the grave He would depart.

So a stone was rolled to the door, this in order to stop the risen Lord.

But Christ did exactly what He said, and Christ was no longer dead.

Fulfilled was Jonah’s prophecy, when Jesus rose again for all to see.

The stone was rolled from the tomb, thus sealing His accusers doom.

With that tomb left opened wide, His resurrection can not be denied.

But accusers exist to this day, those not believing what God did say.

Jesus did as He said my friend, and He’s coming back to do it again.

And when He comes back friend, every single eye will see in the end.

Even those who pierced Him will see, that He is The God of Eternity.

If you believe He was pierced for you, you’ll be raised into Glory too.

He’s coming back first in the clouds, to return within His holy crowds.

He prepared a place for His own, and is coming to take us all home,

While those who scoff in unbelief, will depart into darkness and grief.

Will you be in the scoffing crowds, or with The Lord in those clouds?

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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