Two Kinds of Wisdom

Words of wisdom can indeed, speak to the heart’s most inner need,

But you must be aware my friend, where words take you in the end.

For earthly wisdom can mislead, the heart seeking an earthly need.

While wisdom sent from up above, guides you in God’s perfect love.

Wisdom comes from many schools, some are wise, some are fools,

Even teachings that sound wise, could be packaged in eternal lies.

Earthly wisdom tells you friend, don’t be concerned about your end,

Just live your life for number one, fill each day with pleasure and fun.

Godly wisdom fills you with love, while keeping your mind up above,

God helps you each day to live, knowing that you have more to give.

Worldly wisdom says fill your life, with things that cause much strife.

It tells you to grab the biggest toy, but in the end you’ll have no joy.

Godly wisdom through sacrifice, prepares you for your Eternal Life.

With this wisdom men shall see, Jesus Christ as they enter Eternity.

In the end all worldly wisdom, to the Truth of God it shall succumb.

When men try embracing The Son, He will say what’s done is done.

All the worldly wisdom down here, has no room for The Lord, I fear,

With the wisdom they think wise, the Lord we love, they just despise.

The same Lord who we hold dear, has let us know His return is near,

And Godly wisdom fixes our eyes, upon Christ without any comprise.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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